Bullet in the Head (Live) – F R A G M 3 N T 2 – #2

2 years after our project « F R A G M 5 N T S, 5 musical pieces of an afternoon journey », this is the 2d part, called « F R A G M 3 N T 2 »

« Bullet In The Head » (Rage Against The Machine) live cover by Tess&Ben
Live Session filmed on the afternoon of the 11th of november 2017, @ Domaine St Pierre d’Escarvaillac (Montfavet)
Special Guests : Veronika Soboljevski
Direction and photography : Thomas O’Brien https://www.thomasobrien.fr
Video assistants : Zelie Lab and guy rOOts
Cut : Neimad Creation https://www.facebook.com/NeimadCreation
Sound Engineering, mix and mastering : guyrOOts (Studiomatik)